Kristen Dávila is a Mexican-American screenwriter, who began her illustrious career writing Harry Potter fanfiction as a child. She went on to attend Princeton University, where she learned Arabic, studied a lot of wars, and was accepted into Princeton’s Creative Writing Program. Upon graduating with a degree in Near Eastern Studies, she had to decide between joining the CIA or taking her chances at becoming a screenwriter. She chose to give Hollywood a shot, not realizing that the safer option probably would have been to join the CIA. She earned her MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. From there she went on to be a 2015-16 Universal Pictures Emerging Writers Fellow and winner of the 2015 Tony Cox Feature Screenplay Competition at the Nantucket Film Festival. She was also a 2016 Film Independent Project Involve Fellow.

She is the writer of Emergency, which won Best Narrative Short at SXSW 2018 as well as the Special Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival 2018. She is currently a television writer.


Instagram: @kd_davila

Twitter: @davilalivad

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